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Worldwide non-profit charity organization

The initiative is about empowering and helping this vulnerable group to gain confidence in themselves and brace up to explore their potentials to better their lots and become independent and thus be able to stand on their feet and become contributors to economic development of their families and society at large. We equally give assistance to school children.
  • To Empower women/girls, youth, widows and the very vulnerable group in our Society.
  • To advocate on putting a stop to violence against women and stigmatization of widows.
  • To advocate for remover of gender inequality in terms of rights to education, equality to property and glass ceilings against women in all sectors in Nigeria.
  • Carry out charity work by reaching out to the elderly, children in slum areas in Nigeria.
    To reach the vulnerable girls, women, youth, children and elderly in the slums with our mandate which is to use charity to impact and empower them positively for a life changing point.
To reach every part of Nigeria slums for women/girls/youth and widow empowerment and help them achieve greatness and alleviate poverty among these vulnerable group.

Meet Our Team

Awesome guys behind our charity activities

Team Image

Adebowale K. Meroyi

Chairman board Trustee Sabmer Charity and Empowerment Foundation

Specialist on Women Entrepreneurship Promotion Advocacy- MSM Netherlands/Nigeria

Team Image

Yetunde Ayeolowo

Trustors Logistics/Special Duties Sabmer Charity and Empowerment Foundation

Team Image

Omolayo Kalejaye Okoye

Counselling unit Head

Team Image

Mrs. Khalid Mukhtar

Adviser Project Management

Team Image

Olaoluwasubomi Meroyi

Secretary Sabmer Charity and Empowerment Foundation

Team Image

Mrs. Olutoyin Seja

Media Manager

Team Image

Mrs. Dara Mabeli

Financial Advisor


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